We are your homecare provider in Buckinghamshire.

Welcome to Intrust, a home care company with a passion for helping you regain your independence.

Independent living in the comfort of your home.

Providing a great alternative to care homes.

At intrust we believe every person should have the choice to stay within the comfort of their home, and help should come to them.

We believe things should be done differently. When an illness happens, or an unforeseen medical condition the first issue that springs to mind in your elder years is care homes. We think this needs to change.

Home care is now a viable and affordable alternative to care homes, and your loved ones should have a choice to spend the time they have according to what they are comfortable with.

For us, when we can help you in your own home and bring a smile on your face to allow you to perform the everyday tasks you want, when you want – we have achieved our goal.

Independence doesn’t mean struggling on your own. Our team is fully trained in dealing with a range of illnesses, health problems, as well as the wider implications on your family and the sensitivities surrounding care.

We’re all about Person Centred Care.

Home care is a very personal and sensitive issue, especially when your loved one has suffered something unexpected, and you can no longer provide the level of care needed.

That’s where we come in.

We believe in client service that goes beyond a simple visit. We want to make our clients happy, and we work according to what you want. We don’t believe in giving the same service to every client, as every client’s situation is different and crucially can change quickly.

Our staff are fully trained in handling all types of situations related to illness. We can manage your medicine, take you out for social events, or even just talk to you regularly and make sure you are doing ok.

If you need something more personal we can help with:

  • Feeding, Bathing, Cleaning
  • Daily Tasks
  • Assisting with social gatherings
  • Bringing you a new found sense of freedom
  • Understanding family sensitivities
  • Shopping trips, Breaks
  • Medication Management
  • Close personal support
  • Emergency Help and Respite

If you’re looking for home care in milton keynes, please contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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