Dementia Care

We work with families and patients.

We understand caring for a family member with Dementia can be particularly challenging, especially when independence is an issue – families want to provide the best possible care but allow the patient to feel cared for, as well as having space for independent living as much as possible.

Dementia sufferers require long term love and care, as well as patience, and often, understanding the illness can be difficult – even for family members. Dementia affects the patient psychologically as well as physically, and as the disease progresses the problems can seem difficult to handle.

Our approach is to understand the patient from their point of view to give them the care they deserve, when they need it.  Our team is highly dedicated and trained to deal with dementia patients, and those that need close attention through the day. Dementia patients suffer different moods through the day which can lead to depression, anxiety, and confusion. Our service includes:

  • Assessment by qualified professionals
  • Help with dietary requirements
  • Activities to maintain independence
  • Cognitive therapy (where required)
  • Daily assistance with tasks
  • Making your life easier