Social Support & Companion Care in Milton Keynes

Helping you live a more fulfilling life with companion care.

Our Companion Care service allows you to lead a more fulfilling, rich life whatever your situation. Our carers can accompany you to events, social gatherings to restore your independence.

When a health situation strikes, the mental health of a patient can suffer as a result of becoming less social, less involved with people and unable to feel the need to attend social events they enjoyed previously.

This is where we come in. Our carers have over 10 years professional experience with clients from all walks of life and can accompany you to your events, social gatherings, clubs and societies – to become a real part of your life when others may not be able to give the time.

Feeling loved and part of society.

We want our clients to understand that simply having a condition does not mean they are unable to part of society. Whether that means enjoying family events, friends, or even just to have someone to talk to regularly our carers can help.

We can help with:

  • Attending events with you
  • Assisting with social gatherings
  • Bringing you a new found sense of freedom
  • Understanding family sensitivities
  • Shopping trips, Breaks