Stroke Care

Tailored to what you need, when you need it.

Having a stoke doesn’t mean being in hospital for your recovery. We work with hundreds of stroke patients across Milton Keynes to recover in familiar surroundings.

When a patient suffers stroke, a number of worries may suddenly present themselves. How will I cope on my own? Will my family be able to look after me? Will I need round the clock care now that I have had a stroke?

At Intrust, we understand all your concerns after a stroke, and we want to make your recovery as stress-free as possible. If a stroke has happened to a loved one, this can suddenly require a change in care requirements – this is why we’re here to help.


A stroke can change your loved one’s ability to perform tasks they may have performed perfectly normally a day before the attack, and suddenly a total change in their behaviour will be noted. It is therefore important to plan the level of care required after a stroke happens and think about the kind of tasks the patient may need help with.

Before any care is undertaken, we will perform a needs assessment and find out which areas of life the client is having problems in, and provide the support they need. This means we will give you the exact support you need, when you need it.

We can help with:

  • Nurse-led Care
  • Specialist carers
  • Providing individual stroke support
  • Washing, Cleaning, Bathing
  • Providing you emergency assistance
  • Regaining your personal freedom