Neurological Conditions

Giving you back your freedom.

Neurological conditions can include debilitating conditions that can severely affect your quality of life – we’ll find out what you need and get you the right help.

Due to the nature of neurological conditions, and the affect it is has on your day to day life, we understand how difficult it is to live with the condition. We work with neurological patients across Milton Keynes, helping them regain independence and live a more normal life.

We perform assessments on all our clients with neurological conditions, ensuring you get the exact treatment you need. We’ll see what kind of activities you can do, where you need help, and how much help you want. Every sufferer is different, and we know a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. We make sure you are happy with your carers, down to the tasks you perform everyday.

Various neurological conditions can affect your brain and spine, requiring special attention from our carers. We don’t shy away from anything and you can rest assured we provide the same support a family member could provide for your loved one. We want the client to regain as much freedom as they can from the condition to ensure the quality of life they want is maintained.

Neurological conditions may include head injuries, cancer, strokes or other illnesses such as MS or Motor Neurone Disease.

We can help with:

  • Getting up in the morning, helping you get ready
  • Providing you with meals
  • Helping you get to your social events
  • Helping you perform your daily tasks
  • Leisure and Social time