We support clients with Epilepsy across Milton Keynes.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain, causing the person to have epileptic seizures. Seizures happen when the electrical activity in the brain gets mixed, or there is a surge in activity.

Types of seizures

Epileptic seizures can affect people in different ways, and they can often depend upon which part of the brain is involved.

  • Uncontrollable jerking and shaking (Tonic Clonic Seizures)
  • Falling suddenly when muscles relax (drop attack)
  • Losing awareness (often seen as staring blankly into space)
  • Strange sensations (such as smells or taste, or tingling in the body)


Our approach 

The majority of our clients have epilepsy along with other conditions – which can make care slightly more complex. Whether you have epilepsy along with other medical conditions, or as a stand-alone condition, we will ensure we carry out a thorough assessment, prior to starting your care. We will be led by you and your family, in devising a personalised care plan that works best for you. Our aim is to help you to stay safe and maintain your independence, in the home that you love.

Our carers can support you at home, and help with medication management- making sure you get to take your anticonvulsant medication, at the correct times. We can be there to ensure your safety if you are at risk of seizure and help to support and re-orientate you, following on from a seizure.

To find out more contact us today on 01908 380 600.

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