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Motor Neurone Disease

Expert care for individuals with Motor Neurone Disease in Milton Keynes.

What is Motor Neurone Disease (MND)?

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a fatal, rapidly progressing neurological disease, that affects the brain and spinal cord. Messages from the motor neurones (nerves) gradually stop being able to reach the muscles. This can cause the muscles to stiffen, weaken and waste, which can cause a number of symptoms and difficulties.


Motor Neurone Disease symptoms

  • Walking & mobility problems – due to muscle weakness and wasting
  • Muscle cramps & spasms
  • Stiff joints
  • Swallowing difficulties – which can affect eating and drinking
  • Breathing problems & weakened coughing
  • Pain & discomfort
  • Changes to thinking & behaviour
  • Emotional lability– rapid changes to emotions


MND affects everyone differently and not everyone will experience all of the above symptoms. The order that symptoms show and the speed of progression varies, from person to person. This is why we ensure personalised MND care, that’s as individual as you are.


Benefits of receiving MND care at home

We recognise that receiving an MND diagnosis can be confusing and upsetting, especially if you lived a well and active life before the condition was diagnosed. If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with MND, you may feel that your only option is to go into a care home. This is not the case.

MND is a progressive illness. At Intrust Care we can help support you to stay in the comfort of your own home, whether you are in the beginning stages of the disease, or in the more palliative stage- requiring end of life care. Being with your loved ones in familiar and comforting surroundings can help to reduce pain, anxiety and stress.

As your mobility declines, we can help to liaise with Occupational Therapists to ensure you get the equipment (such as hoists) that you need, and help you to maintain your independence and quality of life that you deserve.


man with motor neurone disease sat in specialised wheelchair using the computer

Our approach to MND care

Due to your symptoms, we understand that you may need some help carrying out your daily activities and routines. Before undertaking care for you or your loved one, we will carry out a thorough assessment of your needs, working with you and your family to create your personalised at home care plan. This care plan will be evaluated and revised, as your needs change over time.

Our team consists of carers who have had extensive experience in providing MND care. They will be able to assist you with elements of personal care, such as washing, dressing, assisting with medication and toileting- as well as mobilising around your home. Carers can offer meal preparation if required, or assist with feeds (if you have a PEG. due to swallowing difficulties). We can also help with other more complex care needs, such as cough assist, or oxygen (O2) therapy.

    As a quality care provider, we encourage and highly recommend that everyone has an Advance Care Plan in place.

    An Advance Care Plan allows you to record your wishes and decisions in advance. This will be in relation to your care, types of medical treatment that you would wish or not wish to receive and anything else that is important to you as an individual. If you are ever in a situation where you are unable to make decisions for yourself, having an advance care plan in place will give both you and your loved ones peace of mind that your wishes will be respected, wherever possible.

    To find out more about what an Advance care plan is and how to make one, please visit our understanding advance care planning & power of attorney page.

    Working together

    At Intrust we believe it is important to take a team approach. This allows us to provide seamless, professional and high quality care – with you and your family at the centre. We understand that with your motor neurone disease diagnosis, you will have a number of specialists and individuals involved in your care. We work alongside GPs, District Nurses, Community Dieticians, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists in Milton Keynes, to get you the support and level of care that you require.

    Call us today to find out more about the MND care we can provide 01908 380 600.

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