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Stroke Care

Having a Stroke doesn’t mean being in the hospital for your entire recovery. We work with clients across Milton Keynes, helping them recover in the familiar surroundings they love.


brain scans of people who have had a stroke

What is a Stroke?

A Stroke is an interruption of the blood supply to the brain. It is caused by a blockage or a bleed in a blood vessel and is life-threatening for the person involved.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of blood supply, certain parts of the brain become damaged. Depending on the areas of the brain affected, this damage can cause:

  • Paralysis
  • Mobility difficulties
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of speech
  • Inability to swallow
  • Memory problems
  • Behavioural changes


Life after your Stroke

We understand that after you have had a Stroke many aspects of your life can change. Daily activities that you didn’t have to think about before, may now be a challenge.

Receiving stroke aftercare at home allows you to recuperate with your pets and loved ones around you. As a result, these familiar and comforting surroundings may even help to speed up your recovery. Being at home allows you to regain your strength and mobility in the environment you love, and any home adjustments needed can be made quickly and easily.

At Intrust, we understand the concerns you may have, and we want to make your recovery as stress-free as possible.

carer helping a man who has had a stroke and is in a wheelchair to put his slipper on

Our approach to Stroke aftercare

We always perform an assessment to find out which daily activities you are having difficulty with. This allows us to understand what yours and your families’ main concerns are and helps shape your personalised care plan. 

Our nurse-led team is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and has years of experience in working with clients who have required stroke aftercare. We want to enable you to regain control of your life, and our carers will encourage and support you every step of the way.

Some of the support we can offer includes:

  • Assisting with washing, dressing and other personal care needs
  • Helping prepare meals, and assisting with feeding if necessary
  • Medication support
  • Helping with transfers & mobilising around the home
  • Taking you to appointments
  • Providing companionship and emotional support

The level of care you need may vary over time as your recovery progresses, which is why we also provide regular reviews.

nurse sat talking with a man and his wife about stroke care at home

Working together

At Intrust we believe it is important to take a team approach. This allows us to provide seamless, professional and high quality care with you and your family at the centre. We work with GPs, District Nurses, Community Dieticians, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to get you the support and care you need, after your Stroke.



If you have any further questions about our stroke care services, call us on

01908 380 600.

As a quality care provider, we encourage and highly recommend that everyone has an Advance Care Plan in place.

An Advance Care Plan allows you to record your wishes and decisions in advance. This will be in relation to your care, types of medical treatment that you would wish or not wish to receive and anything else that is important to you as an individual. If you are ever in a situation where you are unable to make decisions for yourself, having an advance care plan in place will give both you and your loved ones peace of mind that your wishes will be respected, wherever possible.

To find out more about what an Advance care plan is and how to make one, please visit our understanding advance care planning & power of attorney page.

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